University Year Closing Ceremony 2021-2022

 The Grand Lecture Hall at the University of Kasdi Ouargla hosted on June 30, 2022, the closing ceremony of the academic year 2021/2022, which coincides with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Independence Day, a celebration that is an acknowledgment and recognition of the efforts made by all components of the university family in order to upgrade our university institution and encourage students Those who excel after a journey are full of patience, effort, fatigue and sacrifices to reach the top. Where this distinction, success and excellence was celebrated in the midst of a joyful and distinguished atmosphere attended by various local civil and military authorities, headed by the Commander of the Fourth Military District, the Governor of the State, the social and economic partners, in addition to the administrative staff of the presidency of the university, colleges and institute, as well as the revolutionary and media family, sheikhs and notables from the region, staff, employees and students University and families of outstanding students.
The ceremony began with a speech by the Rector of the University, Mr. Mohamed Al-Taher Hleilat, where he welcomed the university’s guests and expressed his happiness with the professors’ contribution to the advancement of science and to performing their tasks to the fullest, on the one hand, and on the other hand, he congratulated the students for this excellence, wishing them further success and excellence. He emphasized that the university seeks for the student to obtain authentic and renewable knowledge by adapting educational programs and establishing a culture of excellence, excellence, creativity and innovation. And as a precedent of its kind in the university, the graduation batches were named, as this batch bore the name of the late professor #Abdul_Karim_Ben_Mubarak, the first director of the Higher School of Professors of Ouargla, which is considered the first nucleus of the Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla.
The hall erupted with applause and ululates when the honors began distributing prizes and handing over certificates to the outstanding graduate students in which the first students were honored in their bachelor and master batches, in addition to this special honors for students with special abilities as well as outstanding foreign students, and the university also honored two professors for their continuous support to the university To deliver the message of science and scientific honesty towards science seekers.
The state governor, Mustafa Aghamir, in his closing speech, congratulated the university and its management on the success of the university season, and affirmed his support for the university administration, led by its director, for standing with the university and harnessing the potential to enable the university to perform its tasks and role, especially in the field of human development. The same official also praised the achievements and leadership achieved by the university. My destination is Merbah in Ouargla, thanks to the efforts made by the administration and the university family, wishing more progress and development for the university edifice, which represents the locomotive of development and the reservoir of energies in the capital of the oases, Ouargla, to announce the conclusion of the university year 2021-2022.

The ceremony concluded with a group photo of the outstanding students with the local authorities and university frameworks.

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