Teaching Framework

In all our teaching partnerships programmes and engagements with African universities, WASD offers participants’ priceless engagements with the world’s most influential facilitators (academics and business leaders) specialising on a wide range of subjects on critical management and leadership issues. WASD brings together the best experts from all over the world to provide individuals and institutions within the public and private sectors across Africa with the best scientific and management solutions to achieve sustainable growth and development. Our various teaching programmes are designed and delivered by the top and renowned experts from across the world to help African countries and regions to diversify their economies and achieve sustainable competitiveness. English is the main language for all our teaching programs, but we have several facilitators who can deliver our programmes in other languages including Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages.

In the post Covid-19 era, African universities must confront new realities rapidly manifesting themselves in a diversely complex and fast-changing world. Business as usual will not suffice. African universities need to be expansively re-focused in order to become more sensitive and responsive to its mission of developing graduates who, in addition to conventional graduate training, are also able to fight the intellectual battle for self-confidence and self-assertion as equal players in the global and intensely competitive knowledge/digital economy

WASD delivers complete programmes and/or selected courses which are accredited by most African countries’ ministries of higher education. In addition to distance learning mode of delivery, WASD also delivers programs/course face-to-face on weekly teaching blocks in the country with additional supervision and assessment time designed to fit around the participants’ personal and professional commitments. There is also an opportunity for students to complete a higher degree with an advance standing by gaining exemptions based on units studied on other programs/courses. WASD various programs have attracted top executives from more than 1000 governments’ agencies with participants from many African countries. These programs include recent graduates, experienced professionals and people who are returning to education after a break.