Algeria (Université Des Sciences Islamiques) Closing of the Work of the Government-walis Meeting

ALGIERS – The work of the government-walis meeting ended on Sunday evening at the Palais des nations (Club des pins) in Algiers, with the adoption of several recommendations with a view to better addressing the concerns of citizens and investment support at the local level.

The closing ceremony of this meeting, opened on Saturday by the President of the Republic Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, was chaired by the Prime Minister Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane, in the presence of the Advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of legal and judicial affairs, Mr. Boualem Boualem.

The recommendations focused in particular on the need to provide the corps of walis with a status in order to strengthen their role given the complexity of their missions and the strategic objectives assigned to them, and the establishment of a information system between the wilaya, the municipality, and the economic operators and the administration for an optimal management of the investment.

The participants also recommended the involvement of civil society by introducing participatory democracy in the management of local affairs but also in the generalization of the tax culture.

The work of the meeting placed under the theme “promotion of the national economy and local development”, was divided into workshops, on “the role of local authorities in the revival of investment”, “the diversification of financial resources for local development” and on “the role of the wali in the process of local economic development”.

It was also a question of evaluating the action of the government and the implementation of a roadmap drawn up during the previous meeting which had formulated 182 recommendations relating to the revival of investment and the adaptation of local development programs.


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