Algeria (Université Des Sciences Islamiques) Boughali Receives the Romanian Ambassador in Algiers

ALGIERS – The President of the National People’s Assembly (APN), Mr. Brahim Boughali, received on Sunday in Algiers the Romanian Ambassador to Algeria, Gruia Jacota with whom he reviewed the ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries particularly in the parliamentary field, said a press release from the lower house.

“Evoking the privileged bilateral relations and their honorable history, Mr. Boughali recalled the position of Romania vis-à-vis the Algerian Revolution by recognizing the independence of Algeria from April 1962”, displaying “the readiness of the Algerian parliament to strengthen cooperation, particularly parliamentary cooperation, to bring the two peoples closer together and consolidate the ties of cooperation,” the statement said.

The President of the APN then addressed “a number of questions of interest to the two countries, at the head of which the Palestinian cause and the situation in Libya and in the Sahel region in addition to the situation in Ukraine and the question of Western Sahara”, highlighting before, in this regard, the unwavering position of Algeria attached to international legality and UN resolutions far from the treatment of double standards adopted by some, in addition to the settlement of disputes through dialogue and negotiations without having to resort security solutions or even wars”.

Furthermore, Mr. Boughali called for the “intensification of bilateral relations, particularly after the adoption of the new law on investment which offers various advantages for the benefit of national and foreign investors”, expressing his “thanks to the Romanian President for facilitations granted to Algerians returning from Ukraine”.

For his part, the Romanian ambassador said he was satisfied with the level of “bilateral relations, particularly on the economic level”, adding that the two “Algeria-Romania” friendship groups were likely to breathe new life, calling for updating of bilateral agreements.

On the international side, Mr. Jacota insisted on “recourse to peaceful solutions to disputes, in particular the Palestinian question”, adding that the equitable solution must be “within the framework of international legality and the two-state solution”.

The Romanian diplomat said he is keen to boost relations and exploit the capacities of both countries in order to achieve the interests of both countries.


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