University of Buea (Cameroon) – UB Women’s Association Donates to the Buea Dialysis Centre

Patients of the dialysis centre of the Buea Regional Hospital Annex have benefited from a donation from the University of Buea Women’s Association. In their outreach mission, UB women have extended their benevolence to patients with kidney disorders, taking into consideration that the treatment is not only long term, but very costly.

On behalf of the Ministry of Public Health, the Regional hospital annex, Buea and the patients in particular,
The Director of the hospital, Dr. Mokake Martin expressed his sincere gratitude to the UB Women for their generosity, which, according to him, touched the most sensitive part of the hospital.

Handing over the envelope of 300.000FCFA to the head of the dialysis unit, the President of UB Women’s Association, Madam Louisa Tangie said this gesture was intended to keep the centre running for a while, thereby sustaining the lives of those who depend on it. She disclosed that this visit was the beginning of a series of outreach projects to be carried out by UB Women in the days ahead.

The staff and patients of the unit were appreciative of this gesture and encouraged the association to continue extending their assistance to those in dire need.