University of Bamenda (Cameroon) – UBa Women Gift Kidney Patients CFA F 4.2M

The University of Bamenda, UBa Women (Academic and none-Academic) have donated the sum of 4.2 million francs to support the treatment of kidney patients undergoing dialysis at the Bamenda Regional Hospital. The kind and laudable gesture was made on march 23rd,2022.

The sum was officially handed directly to the patients via payment receipts on the premises of the Regional Hospital during a visit by the women to the hospital.

Headed by the Coordinator of UBa Women, Professor Margaret Tita, the team met with hospital management staff and some of these kidney patients who were immediately handed receipts of payment of 10-15 dialysis sessions.

The Bamenda Regional Hospital Hemodialysis Centre has a record of 69 kidney patients who take turns of dialysis sessions every week. The cost per session after a government 95% subsidy is 5000frs,placing a cost burden of close to 150,000frs on the patients per month for complete medication.

“Despite the subsidy of 105,000frs from government per session, raising 10,000frs per week, doing monthly test, buying of drugs and doing blood transfusion when necessary is a daunting task for us. Some patients become beggars. It is a difficult journey for us”, Fomin Cecilia, General Secretary of Cameroon Association of Patients on Dialysis and Transplanted Kidneys told the women.

The visit by UBa Women is part of activities to commemorate the women’s month with this group of patients who are regularly in the hospital is much relieve to the beneficiaries.

Lefon Richard, one of the beneficiaries of 14 paid dialysis sessions who has been on dialysis for six years is thankful to UBa women for this gesture as the move would help him save some money to carter for other family duties.

“This support from UBa Women is a timely gesture at a difficult time for us, it is a wonderful surprise. It would go a long way to help me and even save some income for the family because the treatment is quite expensive”, Richard said with gratitude.