Morocco (Mohamed I University) The CNRST Caravane’s arrival at UMP

This morning, Tuesday, February 5th , 2019, Mohamed Premier University received the caravan of the CNRST at the Conference amphitheatre of the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Oujda. The meeting was to brief them on the CNRST services.

This caravan was opened by the President of Mohamed Premier University, Mr. Mohammed Benkaddour, and will last for two days. The meeting was also attended by the Director of the CNRST, teachers researchers, doctoral students and all administrative staff in charge of the research of the UMP to be in direct contact with the managers of the services of CNRS. It was also an opportunity to exchange concerns relating to their scientific research.

These days are also intended to identify the various services of the CNRST through workshops, highlighting a number of institutions such as: The Moroccan Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (IMIST) Programs Division scientists, Division of Technical Support Units for Research, Scientific / CCMM-ADI (UATRS) MARWAN, and the National Institute of Geophysics (ING).


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