University of Buea (Cameroon) – Installation of New Officials

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea has called on newly appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Directors to contribute to the efforts to protect and consolidate the achievements of the University of Buea, so that the University can continue to enjoy the trust and confidence of Cameroonians.

The Vice-Chancellor was speaking at the installation ceremony of these officials on Thursday, 23rd June 2022, in the Dorothy Limunga Njeuma Amphitheater. The Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Directors were appointed by Presidential Decree on 17 June 2022 as follows:

Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Research, Cooperation and relations with the Business World: Mr. Ngange Lyonge Kingsley, Associate Professor;

Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Internal Control and Evaluation: Mr. Peter Sakwe Masumbe, Associate Professor;

Director of Students’ Affairs, Ms. Ndip Lucy Mande Ayamba, Associate Professor and

Director of FinancialAffairs, Mr. Tabi Atemnkeng Johannes, Professor.

At the end of the installation, the Vice-Chancellor reminded the newly installed officials that “our recent classification as being amongst the best Universities in Cameroon speaks to the quality of output of UB and by extension to the quality of academic staff”. They have the responsibility to model those values which UB has traditionally stood for.

The Vice-Chancellor thanked the out-going officials for their loyal services to UB and wished them well in their new designations.

Peter Masumbe, PhD, DVC/ICE

Lucy Ndip,PhD, Director is Students Affairs

Tabi Atemnkeng Johannes, PhD, Director of Financial Affairs