Makerere University Inauguration of New Research and Innovations Fund (Mak-RIF)

On Wednesday August 3rd, 2022, Makerere University’s Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Henry Alinaitwe presided over the inauguration of the new Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund (Mak-RIF) Grants Management Committee (GMC) Members. Prof. Alinaitwe was representing Makerere University’s Vice Chancellor; Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe at this engagement. The engagement took place at the Mak-RIF gardens; Quarry Flats Plot 70, Makerere University. It was attended by the Mak-RIF Grants Management Committee Members including Prof. Umar Kakumba, Makerere University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor In-Charge of Academic Affairs, Head and Staff of the Makerere University Grants Administration and Management Support Unit, Directorate of Research and Graduate Training and Mak-RIF staff.


The New Mak-RIF GMC Members include the following;


1. Prof. Fred Masagazi Masaazi Chairperson
2. Dr. Sabrina Bakeera Kitaka Vice – Chair Person
3. Assoc-Prof. Isa Kabenge Member
4. Dr. Zahara Nampewo Member
5. Prof. Frank Mwiine Member
6. Dr. Robert Wamala Member
7. Dr. Roy Mayega William Member
8. Dr. Michael Owor Member
9. Dr. Stephen Wandera Member
10. Dr. Mercy Amiyo Member
11. Dr. Hellen Nkabala Member
12. Dr. Dorothy Kabagaju Okello Member
13. Dr. Eddy Walakira Member
14. Prof. Umar Kakumba Member
15. Mr. Yusuf Kiranda Member


Mak-RIF GMC Members ready to serve humanity


Prof. Masagazi Masaazi, Mak-RIF Chairperson welcomed all participants to the engagement noting that Mak-RIF is now implementing Year 4 activities and throughout the period, several achievements had been registered. He said, among these achievements was the fact that;

  • Multidisciplinary stakeholders had been and have continued to be engaged by the Mak-RIF Secretariat, researchers and innovators.
  • Many groups of individuals including faculty and students had benefited from Capacity Building sessions on Research Project Management, Finance and Administration, Accountability, Communication, Dissemination including Policy and Knowledge Briefs development, Intellectual Property Rights acquisition processes among others.
  • In addition, currently over 700 multidisciplinary research and innovation projects are being funded and supported by the Government of the republic of Uganda through Mak-RIF. “Join me to sincerely thank the Government of the Republic of Uganda for funding research and innovations at Makerere University. This funding has yielded spillover effects since the researchers and innovators partner with individuals in and from other institutions including Universities, Ministries, Community Based Organizations and Private Sector among others”, Prof. Masagazi said.
  • He also noted that the Mak-RIF round 4 call for proposals attracted 296 applications and these had been cleaned and sent out to a pool of multidisciplinary internal and external reviewers.


Prof. Masagazi Masaazi, Mak-RIF Chair welcoming participants to the engagement


Prof. Henry Alinaitwe, Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor In-Charge of Finance and Administration at Makerere University speaking on behalf of the Vice Chancellor thanked the new GMC members for accepting to serve and thanked the formerly serving members for a job well done. He also thanked the Government of the Republic of Uganda for the continued support noting that it is such initiatives like Mak-RIF which are contributing to Makerere University’s efforts to move towards being research led university. He also thanked Prof. William Bazeyo, the former Mak-RIF Chairperson (even if he was not part of this engagement) for diligently serving Makerere University, other institutions and Uganda. He noted that Prof. Bazeyo’s commitment to looking out for resources to support research, innovations and other aspects of the university and country at large were immensely felt and cannot go unrecognized. He also thanked the University Management for creating and ensuring that there is an enabling environment for research and innovations to flourish at Makerere University.


He noted that to-date, it is fulfilling that no funds or resources have disappeared or have not been accounted for. Indeed, the activities of the Mak-RIF GMC and Secretariat help in galvanizing Makerere University towards research led university. In addition to this, the knowledge generation and transfer happening plus the partnerships created and being created as a result of Mak-RIF cannot go un mentioned. “Thank you, colleagues at Mak-RIF, for contributing to products, processes among others to positively impact our communities” he added.

Prof. Alinaitwe also said, “Now that you are in your own home and enjoying a good working environment, we urge you to succinctly think about commercialization of the research and innovation outputs from the ongoing work. You should also pay keen attention to accountability related issues and ensure to account both physically with tangible outputs and otherwise. In addition to this, please work together with the team at DRGT to secure patents for the products coming out of this good work”.  He once again congratulated the Mak-RIF leadership and staff for acquiring a befitting home which also houses the Makerere University Grants Administration and Management Support Unit.


To the incoming Mak-RIF GMC members, he said “I urge you to serve diligently, remain transparent at all times and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with what we are doing as a university.


To the outgoing Mak-RIF GMC members, Prof. Alinaitwe said “Please do not shy away from taking on more and other responsibilities including assignments once you are called upon. You did so well and the university relies heavily on efforts and abilities like yours. Thank you so much for offering yourselves to serve when you were called upon to do so”.

Prof. Alinaitwe speaking on behalf of Prof. Nawangwe at the engagement

The incoming GMC members then took on the oath committing to serve without fear and favor and calling upon God to help them.


Mak-RIF new GMC members take the oath


Congratulatory messages running through the team


“We wish all the new Mak-RIF GMC Members the very best as they embark on serving humanity and we are grateful to all the previously serving GMC Members for the work well done” noted Prof. Fred Masagazi Masaazi, Mak-RIF Chairperson.


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Compiled by: Harriet Adong, Mak-RIF Communications Officer