Ethiopia (Hawassa University) Talks with Treasury Department’s Government Spending Management and Control Improvement Directorate

The University of Hawassa held talks with the Treasury Department’s State Expenditure Management and Control Improvement Directorate.

The University of Hawassa has held discussions with the Government’s Cost Management and Supervision Improvement Directorate on 5 November 2015 about the governance of the university’s Financial Transparency and Accountability Directive and the government’s financial management system.

In the discussion, the departments of plan and institutional change, procurement and finance at Hawassa University, the construction project, the Audith and Budget Work departments raised the need for training to maximize professional performance and implement guidelines at different times.

As Mr. Story Abe, a senior expert in government spending management and control improvements, announced during the discussions, Mr. Tsarnaew announced that university activities were being implemented and budgeted in the planned period and in the form of acquisitions, finances, and disclosures. Odith’s discovery systems did not say that there should be data transparency, which he said would help ensure that society is engaged and adequately informed, and that the work being done at the University of Hawassa should be properly coordinated for the bodies it sees, even if the work being done at this level is good.

In turn, the other senior expert in government spending management and control management and control management directorate W/Roe Sosna, in turn, said that while training had previously been suspended for professional capacity had been interrupted by the Covid outbreak and other factors, now that it had begun to provide a short-term effective training course, the experts he sees could take the course and that the discussion, support, and supervision of this experience would continue.


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