Haramaya University’s Scientific Committee (USC) Established

The office Vice President for Research Affairs in consultation with the University’s top management established University’s scientific Committee.

University Scientific Committee (USC) is established by The Research Steering Committee (RSC) chaired by the Vice President for Research Affairs. It is an ad-hoc task force responsible for conducting transparent and rigorous evaluation of the relevance and quality of the submitted concept notes as well as full proposals to be submitted by Research Groups with selected concept notes.

Dr. Tesfaye Lemma, Vice-president for Research Affairs, on his welcome remark, said that, “The university, since its establishment, has been conducting impactful researches and engaged in extension activities to improve the community’s life.” He added, Haramaya University recently became a research university and prepared 10 years strategic plan to become one of research excellence centers in Ethiopia.

Thus, to achieve this and become one of Research excellence centers in Ethiopia, The Office of Vice President for Research Affairs in consultation with the top management of the University has launched a new research grant called HrU Grand Challenge Research Grant (HUGG) in addition to the existing grant types. This grant aims to promote professional socialization by collaborating senior researchers with early career researchers or graduate students. This new addition of research grant is expected to bring innovative, multi/trans discipline and problem solving research projects.

Prof. Jeylan Woliye, Vice-president for Administration and Student Affairs and delegate of the President on his opening remark said that in line with the vision and expected excellences of the university, the Scientific Committee will have a huge contribution in creating positive, competitive and innovative research environment. Besides, the establishment of this committee will help the university to set institutional research standard, assure quality excellence and advance research justice.

Moreover, the University has been funding research projects under five research categories; HU Regular grant, HU Innovation Fund, HU Knowledge Transfer, HU Women Grant and HU Special Support.