International University of Grand-Bassam (Ivory Coast) – Faculty Convocation and Orientation Fall 2021 Semester

Both full-time and part-time faculty took part in the traditional faculty convocation and orientation workshops, organized a week before the start of Fall semester classes. These featured panel discussions, information sessions and opportunities for faculty to present their research.

The program was opened with a welcome address by Prof. A. Legrouri, Provost & VPAA. He introduced the new faculty members, the new Director of the University-Industry Relation’s Office and the English Language Fellow. He then discussed the following points with the audience:

  • Reporting of student absences, student class attendance, class rosters, and assignment of the “Incomplete” grade.
  • Management of annual vacation of all IUGB employees.
  • Update of the policy on faculty rank promotion.
  • Activities within the framework of the University Partnership Initiative (accreditation, strategic planning, additional funds for faculty development).
  • Measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 virus on campus.

A panel composed of the Prof. A. Legrouri, Dr. K. N’da, Dean of BSS, and two faculty members (Dr. M. Kone, STEM, and Mr. M. Djabaté, BSS) discussed how to make partnerships effective and useful. Mr. B. Niaba, Library Manager, presented the e-Book on ProQuest, Ebsco, Cengage & JStor, Turnitin, Moodle and student attendance lists.

Different sessions were led by other faculty members who discussed:

  • Linking research to curriculum development (Dr. G. Kouassi, STEM).
  • The impact of transformational leadership on teacher’s performance (Dr. J. Gnali, BSS).
  • Experiential learning (Mr. M. Lekrama, UPP).
  • Incorporating qualitative research methods and experiential learning in the social science (Dr. M. Kargbo, BSS).
  • Genetic variation and heritability for juice quality and yield traits in selection of sugarcane genotypes under irrigation at early stage in Ferké 2 sugar estate of northern Côte d’Ivoire (Dr. C. Pene, STEM).
  • Extensive reading: 90 minutes of quiet? (Dr. M. Burgess, UPP).
  • Capstone requirements and guidelines (Dr. O. Ag Dalla and Mr. D. Gnandi, STEM).
  • Improving IUGB students’ written productions: Which corrective feedback for more efficiency? (Dr. V. Gosse, BSS)
  • Intelligent farming for sustainable agricultural production (Dr. S. Seydou, STEM).
  • Co-create San-Pedro entrepreneurial competition and the design of sprint techniques (Mr. W. Coulibaly and Ms. B. LaThrop).

As usual, the three academic units (BSS, STEM and UPP) had their first general faculty meetings of the semester.