Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Enhancing Diaspora Connection for Science and Technology Development

Following the invitation of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, members of the Diaspora who have returned home are making various efforts to ensure the security of their country and contribute to the development and growth of our country. In connection with this, members of the Diaspora from various foreign countries and representatives of relevant stakeholders have made a discussion on the potential areas where they can work together with the university.

The discussion was organized by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer and the purpose of the discussion was focused on creating a platform for working with members of the Diaspora and other stakeholders. In the occasion, in addition to members of the Diaspora, representatives from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Information Network Security Agency, Cyber Soft, the Ethiopian Cyber Security Agency, Ashagar Consulting and other private and public institutions were attended.

During the discussion, Dr. Abraham Debebe, Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer of the University, has made briefings to Diaspora representatives and representatives of other institutions. According to Dr. Abraham, the university is working to produce the skilled manpower for the industry in the field of technology and industry development by establishing and organizing eight centers of excellence. Since the role of the diaspora members and stakeholders are crucial, it is important to work with the university to develop the sector.

Therefore, the Diaspora members and stakeholder institutions have showed their interest on teaching and learning support, technology transfer and industry linkages to work with the university.

Moreover they also show great interest to work in collaboration with concerned government agencies, including the Information Network Security Agency, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology on cyber security, high performance computing and data analysis, and the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics sector development. Finally, it is stated that they have decide on the next steps by setting up a virtual online joint meeting to make their relationship sustainable and fruitful.