Open University of Mauritius e-VBAB Offered by Government of India

This is the second phase of the “Pan African e-Network Project” which was conceived by former President of India, late Dr.A.P. J Abdul Kalam. The first project provided education and medical services to Africa with satellite links. The Mauritius College of the Air was the implementing educational organisation for this project, which ended in 2017.

Following the success of the first “Pan African e-Network Project”, the Government of India has launched a technologically upgraded version of it to service African students for 5 years. Broadband technology is now used for the e-VBAB project. Reputed Indian Universities are involved to ensure the success of the project. They are recognised by UGC (University Grants Commission) of India. As per UGC criteria for the delivery of online programmes, only universities ranked amongst the first 100 ones have been selected. The Open University of Mauritius is the Learning Centre for the e-VBAB project in Mauritius and as such it acts as a link between the Indian institutions and the Mauritian students who will apply for the scholarships offered by the Government of India.