University of Bamenda (Cameroon) – UBa UDDC Ready For Effective Take Off

Directors and deans of Faculties and Schools in The University of Bamenda have been updated with information on the soon to go operational of University Digital Development Center in the University, (UDDC).This was in a one day workshop that took place on  campus March 3rd 2022 with the theme; optimizing E-learning through integrating the UBa E-learning platform into the national University Digital Development Center, (UDDC) chaired by the Vice Chancellor Professor Theresia Nkuo -Akenji.

Opening the one day workshop, the Vice Chancellor of UBa, Professor Theresa Nkuo presented the university as one with a vision in digitalization and as an institution that has embraced digitalization in learning by instituting the Learning management system.

The one day workshop had as main objective to present the University Digital Development Centre to the staff of the University of Bamenda and discuss issues touching on its function. It was an opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge on the Sustainability and Maintenance of the UDCC, its connection to the internet and its staffing.

The Chief of information at the Ministry of Higher Education, Professor Atsa Etoundi Roger, main facilitator at the workshop said the University of Bamenda has already advanced in the digitalization process. “I have realized that this University has done much already in the digital transformation. They have their own Learning Management System (LMS) and we have to see how to integrate it into the system provided and deployed in the UDDC” said Prof Atsa

Talking on how the UBa UDDC shall function amidst poor internet connectivity, Professor Atsa revealed that the government has subscribed a bandwidth of 9344 megabytes for all state universities and UBa like any other state university shall benefit from a bandwidth of 1024 megabits once the center is connected to the ENEO grid.

The University of Bamenda launched its Learning Management System, LMS in March 2018