Egypt (Assiut University) The President of the University follows the Tests of the Egypt Digital Cubs with the Participation of 460 Students from different Ages

Prof. Ahmed Al -Minshawi, Acting of the President of Assiut University, praises the support of state to emerging generations and provides the necessary ways to develop their different skills and talents, in a way that prepares generations capable of working and giving according to the standards of creativity and innovation to contribute to building and progressing the country.
This came in a statement by the President of Assiut University during his inspection tour of the work of the Egypt Digital Cubs Initiative tests, which is conducted at the university’s electronic tests center under the supervision of Prof. Moamen Taha Al -Meligy, Executive Director of Information, and in the presence of Prof. Ibrahim Al -Awadi, Director of the Center for Electronic Examinations at the University.
Prof. Ahmed Al -Minshawi explained that the university’s hosting of testing works comes in the interest of the university’s administration to contribute to supporting the Digital Cubs initiative, which is organized by the National Communications Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in order to build and qualify a generation of Egyptian cadres from school students that keeps pace with global development.
Prof. Ibrahim Al -Awadi added that today’s tests witness the participation of 460 students between the ages of 12 to 17, from students studying in the first preparatory grade to the second secondary school, where students were divided into two groups. Each group is distributed to 5 exam halls that the IQ and IT information test to measure the student level.


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